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 Words by Nicholas Goodman 

Christie Tyler: NYC Bambi

Despite their relatively recent arrival, influencers have moved from the margins to the center of the industry. Where once there were only a handful of publications there is now a sea of voices thinking about, discussing and celebrating fashion. 

There is something inherently powerful about that. Now women can choose whose influence matters to them. They can also choose to do the influencing themselves. Indeed, those who have are transforming the way the fashion is seen and understood. 

Among this new wave of voices, Christie Tyler is being heard. Her name may not ring a bell, but rest assured @nycbambi does. Three hundred and twenty thousand to be exact. And counting. Behind that handle you’ll find an exceedingly clever and savvy young woman.

Still in her early 20s, Ms Tyler has honed a sharp eye for aesthetics over the last several years living, studying and working in New York. That level of taste is refreshing, but what makes her special—the quality that so many find magnetic—is that she’s undeniably real. Her point of view is her own and she excels at conveying it through a constant stream of posts, words and images. She’s proof of an invaluable lesson that will always be at the heart of Matteau. No matter how saturated things seem, those who remain true to themselves and create from a place of honesty will always resonate beyond hype and trends. 


Christie Tyler 

Christie Tyler wears the Long Sleeve Split Dress in White.
"I believe that individuality is what makes a woman beautiful. A woman being 100% themselves, loving who they want, dressing how they want, is beautiful to me." 

Left to right: Constantin Brâncuși / Christie on holidays in Tuscany, Italy / Christie with an artwork by Christiane Spangsberg / Christie wears the Long Sleeve Split Dress / Santorini, Greece, 1950s by Voula Papaioannou / Saturday with Christie doing laundry and drinking coffee / Source unknown / Christie wears the Scoop Maillot / Source unknown / Christie wears the Short Sleeve Shirt and High Waist Brief in Tuscany, Italy / Bambi Studios, New York / Christie wears the Tri Crop Top and High Waist Briefin Tulum, Mexico

Christie Tyler wears the Long Sleeve Split Dress in White. 
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