Escape with Matteau

To travel is a chance to escape. A moment to change rhythms, to be inaccessible and experience something we may have never felt before—a new atmosphere, a different perspective and some distance from what is familiar.-- An escape is not just a holiday, it's an oasis. That dreamy sense of unreality that only comes from separating from the day to day. It’s an invitation to let the world turn without us for a moment and above all, it is the ineffable feeling of inspiration, freedom and renewal that only comes from being fully in the present.-- While we long for those awaiting us elsewhere, we’ve created this space to explore the art of the escape. Here you will find no shortage of destinations, hideaways and low-key havens. Let this be your own diary of visual inspiration to get swept up in planning your own sun-dappled pilgrimages. Immerse yourself in these tips, notes and memories from women who take their escapes very seriously—as any Matteau woman would.